I was in a bad place mentally and emotionally in my life. Things were so bad for me that I sought professional help. But I was looking for counseling with a spiritual emphasis. I was put in contact with Ira Lake and my life was forever changed. Right from the start he made me feel comfortable. He was very empathetic and we quickly developed a counseling rapport. He gave me some amazing tools that I still use to this day. I highly recommend Ira Lake as a counselor/therapist.
Aurelio C. – September 19, 2015
I had the privilege to hear Dr. Ira Lake of Imtasik Family Counseling Services speak on How to make the Most of your life. He is an inspirational man and his talk gave me much encouragement having listened to how he overcame his own childhood challenges. We all were laughing one minute and moved by his faith and compassion the next.

Ira’s enthusiasm was infectious and engaged the entire group throughout his entire message. 
Dr. Ira Lake is worthy of the highest praise for motivating people to push harder to improve their quality of life. I left the luncheon with an improved attitude and blessed for this opportunity to have listened to him speak.

Nancy T. – September 21, 2015
My relationship needed professional help. I was willing but my husband was hesitant. I was referred to Ira Lake. I called him and told him I would come by myself if necessary. He volunteered to call my husband on my behalf and convey my concerns. My husband agreed to 1 visit only. We are now on our 4th session and it has been money well spent. Every week we go home with an assignment and we go home in anticipation of doing our homework. I am seeing changes in our marriage and in our relationship and the way we treat each other. From the moment we met Ira he made us feel comfortable with his sense of humor, his professionalism, non-judgmental attitude and Christian views incorporated into his practice. I highly recommend Ira, you won’t regret it. Its the best investment you will ever make for your marriage should you need it!!!
Noemi V. – September 22, 2015
I wanted to take time out and just share my Personal Testimony on How Ira Lake has played a Tremendous roll in my recent life as a Counselor and Mediator for my Personal Life, and in my Relationships. Ira has helped provide me with Marvelous tools to use to Better My Communication, Help Shift my focus to the True Source of My challenge, and help give me a Structure to make sure when I have a Discussion ( Verbal fight) that I know the Correct steps to Fight Fair. The amazing tools Ira has provided has truly made a Difference in my personal relationship, and even just my thought process for Myself. I’m extremely Grateful that God sent Ira Lake into My life, I can honestly say that My life has been Forever Change for the Better because of the Spectacular work and time Ira has provided for me and indirectly for My Family and Loved ones I’m in contact with. I Personally feel Many People in this World now-n-days really need and would Exceedingly Benefit from reaching out to Ira Lake as a Counselor and Mediator.

Thank You Ira for being such a Blessing in My Life, you are Truly God Sent and I Pray for a Spectacular Future for You and Your loved ones!

In 2009 my twin sister was diagnosed with cancer. I believed and prayed that God would heal her and restore her to full health. In 2010 I lost her. I was angry with God and family members. For months I carried this anger. Then my health began deteriorating.. I also learned that my anger was contributing to my illness.

In 2014 I met Pr. Ira Lake who helped me recognize and accept my anger as being a natural part of the grieving process. He guided me through the process of accepting life’s causalities – deaths, loss of spouse, etc- as a part of life. Since then I am able to speak of my losses without blaming anyone.

When my husband and i got engaged we were looking for someone to not only marry us but also provide premarital counseling. My sister recommended Ira Lake from Imtasik family counseling services. Ira did a fantastic job he was very welcoming and has a great sense of humor. Although he was unable to marry due to prior commitments he had Ira helped us find someone who was available to marry us. I’m not sure what all counselors talk about but i would assume they all talk about similar things. Ira gave us great advice on finances, how to fight “fair” and other topics as well. he never made us feel uncomfortable or judged us for things we could not answer properly or at all for that matter. He was even very considerate about scheduling since I lived in arizona at the time. I would definitely recommend Ira lake and the Imtasik family counseling services it is definitely worth it.
I lost both my mom and mother-in-law, who have lived with us many years, in a matter of only 5 days apart this past July. My father-in-law also had a stroke within the same time frame. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before I found myself in a deep depression. I started seeing a group and a one-on-one therapist through my medical insurance actually 2 weeks before they passed. Unfortunately for me, they prescribed many antidepressants, all of which caused hypersensitivity reactions. I just couldn’t seem to move forward in the grieving process. Constantly crying and living in a black hole was my life.

Then I met Ira Lake who came to my church to make a presentation on marriage. He stated briefly that he also did grief counseling as well. After his presentation I spoke with him about my predicament and asked if he thought he could help. He said he was sure he could. A couple weeks later both my husband and myself started counseling with Ira. He has been a God-send to us. Although we’ve only had 3-4 sessions, I have moved forward further in the healing process than I did in the 5 months of counseling through medical help.

I believe the difference is his Christ-like approach to mental healing, rather than just medication and non-biblical avenues of healing. I now have hope that there is an end to the pain and hurt of losing a loved one. I’m not quite there yet and I know it will be a while. But I am confident that with Ira’s help, I’m going to be whole again. I know I will always miss my loved ones but it doesn’t have to be strong enough to make me ill.