Our Services

Counseling involves dealing with the concerns and problems of normal people who seek counseling for a myriad of reasons. Your counseling here will entail exploring your current difficulty, setting realistic goals, and creating strategies for change, information sharing, and evaluation. The counseling approach is to integrate elements of CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) and solution-focused/oriented therapy through a spiritual based lens.

There are times when life’s difficulties can be addressed in a few sessions or it may take a longer period of time to discover a solution. Ultimately, the client will determine how often and for how long these sessions will last.





Imtasik Family Counseling Services is committed to providing an environment that is safe, respectful, honest and fair. We work diligently to ensure that the individuals, families, and groups served here are treated with decency, empathy and civility.

  • • Case Management
  • • Individual Counseling
  • • Anger Management Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • • Couples Counseling
  • • Family Counseling
  • • Family Workshops/Seminars
  • • Confusion and Doubt About Faith
  • • Mediation
  • • Parenting Classes & Parent/Child Relationships
  • • Premarital Counseling & Weddings
  • • Memorial Services
  • • Group Counseling
  • • Anxiety
  • • Depression
  • • Grief, Bereavement & Personal Loss
  • • Stress Due to Life Transitions
  • • Addictive Behavior
  • • Physical & Emotional Abuse