Public & Motivational Speaking

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For twenty years I have traveled across the country and parts of the world as a public and motivational speaker for churches, companies, small businesses, women’s conferences, men’s, and youth groups. By using a down to earth and practical approach that is easy to relate to and understand I have been successful at positively impacting and influencing the listeners and participants.

Some of the companies I have spoken for include: F. I. T. Leasing; The radio show; Youth Congress, Apia, Samoa; The Marketing Pulpit International Radio Show; Southeastern CA Conference of SDA; Southern CA Conference of SDA; Maranatha SDA Church, San Diego, CA; Juniper Ave SDA Church, Fontana, CA; Norco SDA Church, Norco CA; Youth Congress, Vanuatu; Drug Alternative Program, Grand Terrace, CA;

List of topics include:

Effects of Childhood Trauma on Relationships

The single most important health concern in the U.S. is childhood trauma. An unfortunate fact is that most trauma begins at home and is perpetrated by the child’s own parent. Trauma includes sexual, physical, emotional abuse and domestic violence to name a few. Research has shown that childhood trauma left unaddressed and unresolved will affect present and future relationships.

Developing Emotional Intimacy

Emotional intimacy is not about sex., rather it is about a sense of closeness with another person. It is a real sense of a two-way empathy where personal feelings and affection are shared.

Four Cornerstones for Every Marriage/Relationship

Most people who are married don’t stay married. 40-50% of all marriages end in divorce. We are in a state of crisis with regards to marriages and families. There are four key building blocks that are essential for the health and growth of marriages and relationships.

The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is essential for one’s own healing. The key is learning how to forgive yourself first and foremost. This is important in facilitating personal growth and the ability to move past hurts and pains. How do you help people move through this difficult process?

Ways to Communicate Better

Communication for most women isn’t about talking; it’s connecting heart to heart. By connecting heart to heart a woman can help her husband get in touch with his emotions.

Communicating With Your Colleagues

Everybody has his or her own communication style. The key is to figure out what style you are dealing with and then adapt your message and the way you deliver it to that style.

Becoming An Effective Team Leader

What does it mean to successfully lead a team? It means taking the onus for guiding and motivating a team of people who differ in ideas, attitudes, and abilities.

Knowing When to Take Charge

Great and effective leaders find the balance between collaboration and taking charge.

Getting Beyond Your Pain and Your Past

Is there anything about your past you would change? It is important to be at peace with yourself, to be close to God, and to remember there is a direct correlation with how you feel, how you act, your relationship with God, and how you treat others.